Land Of AiiA

by Digital Flashback

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Land Of AiiA is a fantasy sci-fi motion picture soundtrack album about the journey of AiiA, the leader of an organic robot colony with artificial intelligence on planet Ircooh. AiiA was the first working prototype of a human creature, who started thinking, learning and grow automatically.
After the succesfull colonization (as an alternative lifeform out of the Earth), the base of the creators and scientists were destroyed by a huge, never seen before storm, and every human died there. After the tragedy, under the lead of AiiA, the robot colony continued to build up their life. The developement was more faster than humanity's ever in the history. Once a day, when AiiA went on his usual expedition on the planet, he found something in the fine-grained rock, in an untouched area. That was a personal object of a human, a miniature piano from the Earth. AiiA tried to identify the item, but the only thing what he found in his database was a melody by a pianist. He fell in love with the sound of the piano and he wanted to know everything about this instrument.
That was the point when AiiA decided to travel back onto the Earth, and find a real piano, and somebody who can teach him how to play it.


released December 20, 2015



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